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Using Social Media Buttons With Vortex


Some Vortex members have asked us about being able to insert social media buttons such a s Facebook and Twitter in the home pages of their sites.

We haven't made any provision in the styling for any icons or images in any of the featured panel templates nor in the footer. The effect when attempting to place icons in the footer is that it pushes the text out of alignment. It could go where the phone number image is but then that wouldn't be practical.

We specifically left out such icon insertion provisions on the featured panel for social media buttons to go because the fundamental objective of theLocalBiz Vortex design is to induce interaction within the site and not to encourage external distractions such as links leading out.

With that said, anyone wishing to place a line of social media buttons could do so in Vortex 3 by placing either the html code for such buttons, or the plugin short_code into one of the two "Top Thin Banner" fields in Vortex 3 in the Central Control Panel.

You can of course also place the link in the sidebar of one of the sub pages or even using the "featured panel plus content" template and adding it to a sidebar that would feature under the main featured panel. 


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