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Displaying Phone Numbers As "Tap To Call" in Mobiles


The action of phone numbers being detected by the various mobile browsers depends a lot from one user agent to another (ie., iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry etc). This is not something that is theme dependent but universal to all web pages and all themes and platforms.

That said, there is a simple solution I can give you here that works with LocalBiz Vortex theme.

To create a custom mobile button using the Vortex button generator (mobile or general) then when it comes to inserting the URL for the button you dont use ""  you use; "tel:1800-555-1234" (or whatever the phone number is)

Also,, when wanting any number on your site to work as a click to call you should use the code: "<a title="Tap-To-Call" href="tel:1800-555-1234">1800-555-1234</a>"  That is what is used in the footer phone number on the demo site at

Notice on that demo home page (right featured panel) also that the flashing white phone number is in white text but is coded as a link which would normally be blue or whatever the theme link color is, but in this case I have included a code style snippet to make the link white with no underlining. Here's that code:
<a style="color: #FFFFFF; text-decoration: none;" href="tel:1800-555-1234">1800-555-1234</a>

Here's some further reading on this topic:

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