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Vortex 3: How To Hide The Default WP Site-Title



There are two aspects to this issue. That is to say,.. 2 things that will affect whether a default header title shows.

One, is the default WP header title (which appears and is controlled in WP-Admin/settings/general/ Site-Title). When there is a value in that field (such as "Acme Plumbing"), then you'll see "Acme Plumbing" in the header when there is no value (title) placed in the Central-Control-Panel/Header/ "Main Text for header"or when there is no header "Image/Logo" being used either.

The defaulted WP header title (Acme Plumbing) display, can be switched off by checking the box in Central-Control-Panel/Header/ which says: "Hide default WP Site Title".

Two, when inserting a header title in Central-Control-Panel/Header/ "Main Text for header",.. such as "The Acme Team" then that would override the WP site title. Therefore, if the WP site title has been disabled, and there is nothing contained in the field "Central-Control-Panel/Header/ "Main Text for header", then the header title area will be completely blank on the front end.

This then allows for a header background to perhaps feature a graphic that has a title built into it. There could be other times that hiding the site title is beneficial and thats why we included that feature.

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