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    A Beautifully Crafted Fully Responsive
    Website Builder with Tons of Possibilities
    Built on a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile
    responsive CSS framework. This ensures that Vortex
    looks great in all mobile devices.
    Creating niche websites shouldn't be a complex process.
    Once you've started using Localbiz Vortex-3 you'll quickly realize this
    and your creative imagination will take over and technical limitations will stop you no longer!

Features & Benefits

Vortex-3 is packed with more awesome features than you can shake a stick at!

Responsive Design

Built on the latest fully responsive CSS framework, Vortex-3 is packed with dozens of components, JS Plugins, and much more for a very sleek and smooth mobile experience

Responsive Layout

Future proof your website. Vortex-3 is ultra responsive, fast-loading and looks beautiful in large wide format screens to mobile devices

Unlimited Background & Styling Options

Give your website that extra touch of individuality. Choose from the Vortex inbuilt background images or simply upload your own custom images. Save all custom styles via the Custom CSS style panel

32 Default Colors Schemes

Vortex-3 has 32 click-to-go color schemes to get you up and running in no time. Make custom tweaks and save them as new styles with one click

Built-in Fancy Box

Display videos, images, forms and i-frame pages with the built in Fancybox. Activate Fancybox from images or inline text links. Saves screen space and is a great effect

Search Engine Optimized

Built with SEO best practices and compatibility in mind,- VortexвЂôs underlying code is optimized for search engines. Includes built-in SEO geo-targeted metadata creator

Multiple Sidebars

Create special sidebars for dedicated pages where you can show custom content and calls to action as well as advertising banners, images, videos and custom widgets.

One-Page or Multi-Pages

You can easily use Vortex-3 as a powerful single landing page or lead-gen site or fully functional multi-page site. The choice is yours!

Special Effect Fonts

Includes Special Effect Styling and Fonts for headers and CTA (Call To Action) header boxes for you to resize, change color, drop shadow, outline and more...

Detailed Tutorials

Every aspect of Vortex-3 function is covered in our video tutorials. Also, each panel has its own tool-tips support window for simple instant access

Mobile Tap-To-Call

Tap-To-Call gives your website that extra touch of uniqueness. Works automatically for all phone numbers. No coding required

Pop-out Contact Forms

Fully functional pop-out contact forms . Take any form code or plugin short_code and have your forms pop-out via a fancybox

J-Query Sliders

Create sleek image sliders in thin and wide formats with transition effects, slide up text panels, active-links, and more. No messy or hi-tech set ups needed,- super simple to use

Video Feature Panels

Set up any page with a custom video panel that can feature multiple videos to display in the panel without page reloads or as popout window displays

Cross-Browser Friendly

Vortex-3 is tested and prepared to be compatible with the latest browsers to ensured that it will look great and work smoothly across all browsers, including mobiles

Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated in-house support portal to help answer your questions in minutes not days!

localbiz Vortex-3 Website Builder

A Brilliant & Fast Business & Niche Website Building Tool

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The Vortex3 Advantage

Powerful Features with Simple User Control! Other themes and site builders may claim to have a wide range of functions but Localbiz Vortex-3 is unique in making this happen very easily without plugins or complex coding via a simple GUI panel that is a breeze to use. Everything from landing pages and call to action business pages that have "fill in the blanks" and "point-&-Click" ease of use. Custom sidebars for multiple pages. Have text, images, video & iframes pop out from any page. Selectively remove page headers, footers, and other elements to give you the versatility of customizing each page just the way you want it.


There are many different ways in which you can use Localbiz Vortex-3

Small Business

Localbiz Vortex-3 was engineered with the local business owner in mind. Create business 100% Above-The-Fold landing pages that instantly engage, reduce bounce rate and prompt the visitor with calls to action!

Niche Sites

Whether you have a special niche product or service Localbiz Vortex-3 will allow you to showcase it in ways that other sites cannot and the crafting of your siteвЂôs special focus pages is fast and amazingly simple

Lead Generation

A lead generation site needs to be able to get attention fast and to enforce a call to action in the quickest time. Localbiz Vortex-3 has all the tools to create powerful lead-gen pages as well as added SEO content pages

Real Estate

Localbiz Vortex-3 can create some of the most powerful agency profile and media sites that you could imagine. These can then be tied in to bigger agency sites thus creating added service and silo site SEO

Professional Services

Localbiz Vortex-3 helps professions such as *Lawyers, *Accountants, *Architects, *Insurance Agents and so on to create sites that look distinctive and also that prompt qualified calls & prospective new clients

Video Showcase

Use Vortex-3вЂôs Unique Featured Panels, video galleries, custom buttons, fancybox displays and mobile flexibility to create concise video presentation sites or video pages within other kinds of sites


Here are some screenshots of sites created using Localbiz Vortex-3


Vortex-3 is compatible with the latest in website dynamics

>>See A Working Demo of Localbiz Vortex 3 Here<<

Customer Testimonials

"This is the ULTIMATE" versatile website builder for any niche or offline business"

This is the ULTIMATE" versatile website builder for any niche or offline business,.. and support is excellent. Queries not only answered promptly every time,- but even offered to go into my admin panel a few times and got me back on track (now that's what I call service!).
Thanks a million for being so helpful and thank you for providing us with a top class option to offer our local businesses"

Peter Deane - London UK


"You can deploy websites within minutes,- not hours or days!"

I have been an Internet Web Designer for over ten years, I am also a CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster-Instructor) and an MSCE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) among other things. I have spent thousands of dollars over those years buying the latest 'make a gazillion dollars now!' schemes in one form or another and have had moderate success. UNTIL NOW. I HAVE to share my experience with anyone who may be contemplating this offer.
1. I got to work immediately and contacted a few people who I knew needed websites, besides I needed some 'crash test dummies' so I could practice with the new site builder
2. Within two I had sold two new websites for $500 and have a third on the way
3. Localbiz Vortex is a dream to use,- simplicity in itself with some great features, you can deploy websites within minutes, not hours or days!
The beauty of using Localbiz Vortex is that it makes it easy to set up a companion mobile website at the same time which is extremely popular with clients.

Rob J - Brisbane AU

"Localbiz Vortex would be a bargain at 10x the price!"

I've owned and used a number of local business themes, but pushed them all aside and jumped on Localbiz Vortex immediately when I saw it.
All the other themes had significant limitations, or serious oversights, and I always felt like I was compromising.
Localbiz Vortex is a perfect blend of professional, eye-catching appeal, coupled with a genuine understanding of (and appreciation for) unwavering market concepts and widely know end-user realities that must be incorporated into our efforts to capitalize on Internet traffic.
If all you want is an oversized 'online business card', then any theme will do and you can simply send existing contacts there for more information, but if you want an effective web marketing device with the highest efficacy at lead capture (for new contacts) and funneling visitors to honor the desired call to action, I know of no other website builder available.
In fact, the technology behind the curtain is so powerful with Vortex that we are currently adapting the theme to mimic the 'look & feel' of the $2,000 'media pages' that form the core of our business. Localbiz Vortex would be a bargain at 10x the price!

J.Scott Talbert - Ozarks, USA

"Localbiz Vortex theme flat out works!".

I have been in business and marketing and sales for most of my adult life and I know what works and what doesn't. The ONLY thing that matters in local lead gen is getting them to call your number.
Localbiz Vortex has been built from the ground up by someone who is a veteran in actually running businesses. You see when you are in business for yourself if your ad doesn't get calls you don't eat.
Russell has distilled 30 years of selling and real world knowledge in to a theme that gets results.
Just get it and use it.

I have personally used Localbiz Vortex to make money over the last 12 months by selling leads and calls both for ranked and unranked sites, it is the default local lead gen theme I recommend to my students and clients.
If you are sick of getting themes from designers who have never sold anything real then get this. - It flat out works.

Stephen Henry - Auckland NZ

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