We pride ourselves on our member and products support and this page is intended to point you in the right direction for all the support that you may require.

The Help Desk: For direct support to issues you may be experiencing you can use the HelpDesk and submit support tickets which we endeavor to answer within 12 to 24 hours at most, and often we will respond within a few hours if we’re online when you submit your ticket. The best way of resolving any issues is to create ticket and give it a subject title relevant to the issue and then fill in the details in the message box.

The Support Forum: We’ve set up a forum for the benefit of all LocalBiz Vortex licensees. We’ve built the forum on the phpBB platform which it the most popular open source php forum platform on the Internet. Forums always take some time to populate with relevant and supportive content but you shouldn’t let that deter you because by posting a question or comment on the forum it can attract a running dialogue with other members as well as being moderated by us. This is a much better way of finding solutions instead of solely seeking singular responses from a technical support manager. You can choose which method is best for you or even use both for a direct response and a wider perspective and general feedback.

Please note that we don’t provide any direct email support as everything is handled via the Helpdesk and the Forum