Using The Featured Panel Sliding Gallery

The “Featured Panel” Control Panel Tab
This panel controls the styling for the main featured panel section and full page background for all pages. Use the self descriptive section controls to change section appearances.

Gallery Slider: By selecting the post category, the Gallery Slider will then feature images and text snippet from all of the posts in that category. If you wish to exclude some posts in the display, simply do not upload a “featured image” and then nothing will display for that post.
Use Static Image Instead of Slider: Check the box “Use Main Feature Panel Image instead of Gallery Slider” and upload an image and this will show a static image instead of a sliding gallery.

The slide up text panel: You can activate or deactivate the slide up text panel by click the checkbox in the Vortex Control Panel.
You can also choose slide up text panel background color and text color.

Sliding Gallery Images Only (no text): If you want to have a gallery of images only then all you need to do is create a post and give it any name (e.g. image-1) and then create a special category for it such as “imagegallery-1”. From there just create more posts for as many images as you want to display and name them (e.g. image-2/3/4/5/6 etc) and also assign them to you new custom named category.
Then from the Vortex Control Panel in the “Featured Panel” tab you simply select the “slider category” as being “imagegallery-1” or whatever you named it.
N.B. You can have the images in the gallery linking to any page either on your site or anywhere on the Internet by installing the “page-links-to” plugin and inserting the URL in the input box below the post editor that says “treat page as normal WP page (default setting) or “A custom URL”.

Featuring Pages Instead of Posts in the Sliding Gallery:

Let’s say you had some pages that you wanted to link to and have featured in the sliding gallery. How do we do that?

Simple; for example, if you had pages for *About, *FAQ, *Services, all you would do is to create posts using those EXACT same names for the post tiles (and most importantly post “slug/permalink” names). So in this case we would create a post named “About” and give it the permalink “/about”. This in fact is the same permalink as for the Page named *About. Then we take say the first paragraph from the About page (or whatever text we wanted to have appear in the slide up panel in the featured gallery) and we paste that text into the post we have just created and named “About”.

Then select an image that you wish to have displayed in the slider window and choose it as the “Featured Image” for that post. Make sure to use the post category that is being chosen to display the posts in the slider and you are good to go. Repeat this process for all other pages that you want to create sliding gallery features for. When someone clicks on that gallery image or the “Read More” text it will take them to the corresponding page (not the post).

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