Using The Enterprise License White Label Theme Rebrander

Localbiz Vortex Enterprise Version has a built in rebranding tool.

The purpose of this tool is to allow LBV Enterprise licensees to be able to rebrand Localbiz Vortex with their own chosen theme name as well as being able to nominate the author name, URL’s of theme and author and also being able to add a custom thumbnail image of their theme.

Advantages of rebranding: Any website developer or website designer can use LBV to create a custom styled site for a client or project and to be able to place their own branding on it. That means there’s no link or connection back to Localbiz Vortex¬† or the original author. This allows the site developer to then charge a premium for a custom theme build by naming it according to the client or project specifically.

If you have a Localbiz Vortex Enterprise license, the rebranding option panel appears by default in the Localbiz Vortex Enterprise theme Control Panel with the “General” tab (see image below).


Once you fill in the details with your renaming of the theme and add your own author details you then should click “save”.

If you want to hide the rebranding panel upon save then you should check the box that says “Hide CSS section above after save”.

Once the rebranding CSS panel is hidden it will not reappear unless the theme is re-installed or reactivated which would only be done by the original developer.
There is a safeguard process to completely eliminate the CSS rebranding panel from ever showing up again (even on new installations or reactivations) by commenting out some of the code in the main functions file. To receive a copy of those instructions you’ll need to contact us via the Support Portal as it is sensitive information that we choose not to publish, even on the member site.

Another way to make the CSS rebranding panel show up again once removed (so you can work on it) is by pasting the following line of code into your browser:
(replace “” with your own website URL)

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