Localbiz Vortex 3 Is Coming

Localbiz Vortex 3 Is Coming

I am very pleased and excited to announce that we are about to release a brand new version of Localbiz Vortex, which replaces Vortex V2 series.

LBV3-ebox-500-enhancedThe new version contains some vast differences & improvements and is named Localbiz Vortex 3.

I expect that it will be ready within the next couple of weeks. The actual formal release date is Wednesday October 21st 2015.

Basically, we have taken the best of our “Vortex Site Builder”, and “Localbiz Vortex 2.0” and combined them into a new theme that has added improvements and functions not seen before. This means that we will only have one Localbiz product “Localbiz Vortex 3” which replaces WP-Localbiz, Localbiz Vortex 2, and Vortex Site Builder, which will all become redundant. Anyone that bought or upgraded to any of those products during the last 12 months will be automatically upgraded to Localbiz Vortex 3 for free! Any one needing to purchase an upgrade from an existing license will be able to do so for a fraction of the cost of a full licence!

Localbiz Vortex 3 is still a fully compliant and compatible, independent WordPress theme, which means that you remain in full control of its use and deployment. New licenses all come with Developer options which allows you to build, deploy and sell as many as you like without any further cost or monthly fees. It doesn’t matter whether you make 10 sites, 100 or 1000,… you’ll never have to pay per quantity for the sites you create and sell.

Your license comes with 12 months of free upgrades and elite support. That means that you’ll have access to all upgrades and 24 hour direct support included with your license. We will be activating a support forum as well which has dozens of tutorial and “How To” posts that you can learn from, as well as interacting with. Seriously, the support alone will be worth more than the cost of a license renewal/upgrade. We have many testimonials from members that will attest to how we have helped them out and on many occasions provided hands-on support to assist them in getting rolling or fixing a problem.

Some of the new features include;

  • Secondary Top Thin Banner added (now there will be 2 to choose from for different purposes).
  • Secondary style for menus (a ribbon style, continuous flat style menu) will be added to the default button style, so there’ll now be 2 different menu styles (with full color, gradient and border control).
  • 15 new custom widgets that you can deploy to the header or featured sidebar or common sidebars in any page. This means you can have different header messages, images, or video in the header of multiple pages, as well as creating different sidebar content for multiple pages (i.e. each page can have its own custom content).
  • A short_code so you can simply add any social media plugin that has short code built in.
  • Added transition effects for the gallery slider
  • Ability to hide the default “WP site title” when using header background image, so that you can use the built in Vortex text special effects directly over backgrounds when not using a header logo.
  • Short_code for flashing text so that can be used when creating custom text or custom sidebar content.
  • A flick-switch to activate/deactivate the “style-switcher” in the Top Thin Banner display.
  • Collapsible menu in responsive/mobile mode that will collapse the menu into a dropdown grid style menu when in mobile mode. This will make the menu look a lot smarter and perform a lot smoother in mobiles.
  • Option to increase margin space at the top and footer of sites so that the background can show through (this adds an impressive style and difference to the appearance when the theme is set in “boxed” theme mode).
  • A custom CSS page will be added to admin so that you can create custom styling for the theme which will be retained whenever you upgrade the theme (great for exporting styles to other Vortex sites as well).
  • Add option for every WP page created, to enable total plain vanilla stripping of page (remove header, footer and backgrounds) so you can create sales pages or use for any purpose requiring plain canvass pages.
  • A new widget that will allow you to replicate the styling of the main featured sidebar, in the sidebars of any page or post.

We are removing the “Duplicator” backup cloner which in fact utilized the open source plugin “Duplicator” which is being continually upgraded and remains a free open source plugin. Whereas we had customized Vortex to integrate ideally with Duplicator, the plugin kept changing and upgrading and caused us quite a lot of ongoing issues, so we decided to remove it as a standard built in theme feature and simply allow each person to install it themselves directly from the WordPress plugin library and by doing so, ensure the latest version available plus direct support from the developer “Life In The Grid”.

If you can think of any new feature or improvement that you’d like to see in Localbiz Vortex 3, please leave a comment below and we’ll take it into consideration!


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